Expat Teacher Positions

Overview for Prospective Candidates

Grace is a great place to broaden your teaching experience, serving in a place that really makes a difference. Our academic year runs from August through to June. We have regular vacancies for expatriate teachers as well as in school leadership positions.


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April 12, 2017


April 12, 2017

Primary Teachers

April 12, 2017

Secondary Teachers

April 13, 2017

Early Years Teachers

The Next Steps

How to Join the Team

GIS has a distinctive character and quality which is derived from several sources:

  • Christian basis that is firm and passionate
  • An international school environment—with a variety of nationalities working together
  • High professional standards in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Strong community ethos: knowing and caring for everyone
  • Child-centered methodology; adoption of an each-child-matters attitude
Here are some basic guidelines for a good fit:
  • Passion to serve God through teaching
  • Willingness to adhere to a statement of faith
  • Current, appropriate teaching degree or qualifications
  • GIS follows the English National Curriculum, relevant experience is helpful
  • Overseas experience is beneficial

We welcome applications from interested candidates: gracevacancies@gmail.com
Grace is committed to the security of staff and students in Bangladesh’s changing security climate. We ultimately trust in God’s protection. This means we constantly ask for His wisdom as we receive official advice and then implement, practise, and review measures to ensure the safety of the school community. This includes home, school, and travel to & fro. Security staff are present at the teachers’ accommodation 24/7 as well as on each campus. We continually assess the adequacy of our security systems. We encourage you to bring up any questions you may have concerning security as you consider teaching at Grace. We are happy to help paint an on-the-ground picture of what it looks like to live in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

“I have always found our campus to be comforting and safe. Despite restrictions that come with life in Bangladesh, staff and students really thrive in the encouraging community. Grace leadership are well connected to embassies and listen carefully to advice from the authorities. Once outside the school, life is still relatively unrestricted and safe in terms of getting around town—although it does take effort, vigilance, and grace to navigate the streets of Dhaka.”

Secondary Teacher

Life in Bangladesh

What is it like to live in a large Asian mega-city?

Bangladesh can be an enjoyable place to work and live. You will face many of the typical challenges arising from living in a large Asian megacity, with an emerging economy. But you will also experience special joys, see the resourcefulness and beauty of the people, join in the fun, and take hold of opportunities to grow and develop.

Bangladesh became an independent nation in 1971 after a nine-month war of independence. With a population of over 160 million people in a land area of only 55,598 square miles (144,000 square kilometres) Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated nations on earth. Since independence, Bangladeshis, as a people, have shown themselves to be resilient and determined to create a secure and successful future.
It is beautiful, from the rolling tea estates in the North to the golden beaches in the South, through gentle farmlands and into the thriving, chaotic metropolis of Dhaka where you can meet the true jewel in the crown of Bangladesh: the wonderful, humorous, welcoming Bangladeshi people.